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Thread: What's the hold up Topps?

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    What's the hold up Topps?

    I have called 3 times over the past few months a spoke to a C/S rep from Topps inquiring about my redemptions. The 1st time (after the 15 weeks) he said they did not ahve the cards. 2nd time they have all the cards, just waiting on the blue waves (a week later a blue wave Morris auto shows up on ebay). The third time now they do not have enough man power to process the orders? What a joke these card companies have become.

    Still pending!
    GRVJEUBMXR 2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Military refractor Auto of Stephen Hill Pending
    CXBL5Z4983 2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Autograph of Russel Wilson Pending

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    Man I am really fed up with Topps. I opened up some 2011 Lineage baseball and pulled a Harry Perkowski Retired Auto. I thought "Cool," went online and redeemed it. Four months later on November 2nd, 2012, I recieved this message:
    The Topps Company is currently beyond the 15 week processing time allocated for the following redemption card:

    PIN #: Product: Card/Player Name
    LBBJTRMD2H Linage Harry Perkowski - Autograph Reprint

    I have emailed them 5 times and called twice and for the life of me, they tell me they will send something but haven't done anything about it. What the heck. If I did business like that I wouldn't have patrons left. I don't care how tough your business is get on top of things and get them done. I hate excuses. I am on board with you. Those that get on and give me some horse crap excuses about why this happens, I'm sorry I'm not listening. Just do the work!

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    I'm waiting on four redemptions from them. Been sent an email a few times about the 15 weeks thing. Going to call in the next week or so. Hope I get something back soon. Last time I buy any redemptions from anyone.

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    I have 7 redemptions from all different products and players and it seems that starting with Chrome/Triple Threads they haven't done anything. The frustrating thing is that some of the redemptions are sticker autos or combo sticker autos from rookies who are in a lot of their new releases, which means they are just pushing off the redemptions until at least after the 2012 cycle.

    I did ask for one replacement. It took 4 calls and 5 emails (3 of which Topps confirmed they would have a replacement out ASAP) to get the replacement 3 months later. Funny that the redemption still shows as Pending in their system. I'll probably let them know to close out that item, but probably shouldnt be my responsibility.

    I generally like Topps products more than Panini, but after this year's issues with redemption, I am going to buy much more of Panini in the future. They have more redemptions on the whole, but actually have a sense of customer service. Just sucks that the remaining Topps redemptions are all High Value or PC items. Wondering if I will ever get my Luck/RGIII/Tannehill/Blackmon/Floyd/Wright combo AU.

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    I posted what was going on with Russell Wilson autos from Topps Chrome. The long and short of it is they did not sticker over 700 of his regular autos by mistake and put a freeze on all variations until the rest were done. The rep I talked to stated that stickering the cards is manual and they get done with the as fast as the manpower works. He assured me that all autos would be fulfilled (including my superfractor auto) once they had those 700+ regular versions done.

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    I would like too see the audit papers on Topps. I am curious how much money they do make off their various products?? They must not make a lot to not hire more workers or maybe more effective workers. Makes me wonder???

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    Panini is not much better. I have been waiting for a Michael Egnew Certified Freshman Fabrics since the beginning of December. The same guy that everyone else can not escape had redemptions. I don't know what kind of staff they have, but I am sure that people will be happy when they come in. They are not concerned with what people's agenda is with cards they get from their redemption, the rep stated that they are concerned with making sure that the cards ship at the same time. They did start shipping, but that was before they had realized that they had missed those 700+ without the sticker auto and put the freeze in affect until all were complete.

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    There is currently a total meltdown at Customer Service in Duryea. I have now sent in a scratched Wilson variation FOUR times! They just keep sending back base cards. The last time I specifically addressed it to "Supervisor". Even worse. These card companies have turned into such a disgrace that it can take all the fun out of it. Thinking real hard about giving up busting altogether.

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    I'm also waiting forever for my Wilson Chromes. It's sitting at "pending," now. I've heard like 3 different stories from Topps. I always thought of them as the lesser of 3, they're climbing the top with Panini.

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    Redemptions suck they need to put the cards in the products.

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