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    pm sent, I will take parsons and Robinson

  2. Packrip
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    Wanna do $22 dlvd for the Tannehill prestige auto?
    Hidden Content --Check all my sub-albums in my bucket! NO longer shipping to Canada, sorry.

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    Tannehill was just sold. Sorry.

    Quote Originally Posted by UK_wildcat77 View Post
    Wanna do $22 dlvd for the Tannehill prestige auto?
    Just looking for whatever catches my eye. Everything I have is for trade, but some of my cards are a lot harder to get than others.

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    Got my end man. Just need you to complete our trade. Very fast shipping and great crads man. Thanks a lot!
    I wont make offer on your cards.
    Don't know when people got so rude as to not even reply back to you, but if you do it to me consider us not doing trades in the future

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    PM sent!
    Supercollecting: LT, Antonio Gates, Hakeem Olajuwon and Jose Canseco
    Will trade for: Nice Chargers Autos/GU
    Want GU/Autos Chipper Jones
    Also looking for... 2012 Topps Olympic Team cards that I don't have yet
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