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    11-12 The Cup Rookie Patch Autos FT

    Got these all for trade or sale. Not looking for something in particular but I would do a 1 for 1 deal or 4 for 1 deal etc. All cards are over 50$ SV

    Zack Kassian Cup Rookie Patch Auto /249 2clr

    Marcus Foligno Cup Rookie Patch Auto /249 3clr

    Matt Frattin Cup Rookie Patch Auto /249 3clr

    Matt Frattin Cup Rookie Patch Auto /249 2clr 3b9ed5206&_uhb=1

    Cody Hodgson Cup Team Canada RC Limited Logos /50

    Send a PM or comment if interested!
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    Jeff Skinner Super Collecter! Looking for all his cards
    Check my bucket anytime!
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    hi there

    lmk if u like anything from my bucket.

    thanks johnnaseri

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    i am interested let me know which players, cards you like and i can see what i have..
    Check out my bucket (will be updated soon)
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    Check out my Trade List (newly updated THE CUP, SPA and ULTIMATE lists!)
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    Check Out My needs: Hidden Content (Newly Updated!)

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    Interested in the Hodgson and Foligno...PCMB and LMK
    Looking for Gretzky and Orr Autos & Patches

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