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    Autographed football from Fleer 2007 Rookie Class)

    I received an autographed football from Fleer back in 2007. It was part of the redemption from registering cards onto the fleer website. It has all of the key rookie from that draft year. There is no COA but I was trying to find a value for this football. I believe that there is 28 autographs on the ball. If you are interested in this ball or know anything about it, please PM me....

    There have been many inquiries as to what I am looking for with this ball. I am entertaining all offers, looking for the best offer (obviously). I will post photos of the ball as well as list all autos on it. If this is something that you are interested in, please make an offer. If not reasonable offers, I will put it on ebay and see how it goes. I like to give the first opportunity to the boards that help many collectors. I have received many cards from the boards and would liket o repay the convenience of boards such as these

    ** I have numerous pictures but am having trouble uploading them onto my computer.... As soon as I am able to upload them, I will add to this post (4/23/13)
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    I would probably be interested. Got pics? Who all signed it? Also I am moving this to the Memorabilia section.

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    I will have to pull it out of the storage that it is in. I do know that Adrian Peterson, Brady Quinn were two of the signers. I have the list of players that signed it with the ball. It was the top 28 picks from that year if I remember correctly

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    I can't find any info on it anywhere. I know they did these for a few years. I would definitely be interested.

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    After looking at the ball and the draft class here is a few that I can make out for sure:

    Adrian Peterson
    Kevin Kolb
    Jamarcus Russell
    Brady Quinn
    Calvin Johnson
    Marshawn Lynch
    Robert Meacham
    Dwayne Bowe

    There are more so I will post them as I recognize the name.....

    If interested, make offers of either trade or price. I am open to all

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    Got any pics? I am not really looking to buy right now, but if you would be interested in trading for cards I am looking to thin my collection significantly.
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    I would be more than interested in trading memorabilia. If there's anything you see in here:
    or just PM me a list of teams/players/items that interest you.

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    I am very interested in purchasing. Id like to see a pic and any documentation you have with it. Is this a 1/1 type of piece? If not how many did they do ? PLEASE tell me there is some really good certification as I'm extremely interested.

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