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    Arrow Need some Paypal...nice photo bucket!!

    need to get some paypal for tomorrow...check my page and make some offers...any amount would help!! (please, no total offers under $5...due to the paypal fees, thanks!!)

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    the hornung auto and the white/ray dual gu, how much on each of those?

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    they are yours, not really into offering as it seems like I can do that on ebay. My offer would be as cheap as you can let them go. If you decide on prices lmk.

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    im taking offers...the true value of a card is what someone is willing to pay for it...which is why i take want to throw me a pm with a number, fine, if not, fine too....the worst that would happen is a pleasent "no thanks"...i'll tell you this, im not gonna sell hof autos or g/u under half book

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    lol...3 bucks for a 25 dollar auto (12%) ill pass

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    would u do $7 for 04 M. Schaub SPA Scripts 4 Success

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    sorry man...dude is really hot right now, i dont get it, but i have turned down an offer slightly higher than than...gonna need around $10 dlvd, or i will hold it another couple and see what ends up happing to schaubby. my personal opinion is that he's a better qb than 30% of the starters in the league...lmk

    also can easily get something nice in trade for it, which is always nice to have around!!

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