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Thread: now collecting 05 SOTT autos

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    now collecting 05 SOTT autos

    since my 04 collecting is slowing down i figure ill start on the 05 set

    check my collection (click SKIP ADD on the upper right corner)


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    did you have some stuff you wanted from me. You never came back to the post. List what you like and then I will pick some stuff from you. thanks

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    i posted the cards i was interested in 3 times.

    you never came back :new_rainf

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    I've got the Ahman Green from 05. BV is $25 and it's a SP.

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    Marvin Harrison 05 Donruss Gridiron Gear Auto 17/25

    Really would love to trade for this.

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    im trying to figure the bv on that one right now actually.

    ill get back to you

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    i have the harrison in a pending deal for another boldin auto

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