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Thread: Bulls green alternate Jerseys

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    Bulls green alternate Jerseys

    Does anyone know what cards feature Bulls players wearing the green alternate jersey? And any cards that have green jersey patches or swatches?

    The only card I know of off hand is the 2010 Totally Certified red & blue Derrick Rose.

    I'm positive there are others!

    any suggestions?

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    There are a bunch of sets in 09-10 panini products that have the green st. patty's day swatches. The most I've seen are usually Deng jerseys though.

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    Thanks, I'm assuming they must be rare, just did a search on Ebay and COMC for 09-10 panini, and couldn't come up with a single one!!

    Do you by any chance know of any other sets or perhaps have scans?


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    They're in multiple sets. They aren't too rare, just gotta look out for them if you want one. Thy pop up periodically. I have two of them in my collection without really trying lol. Here they are: (My scanner doesn't pick up the green to well but they are VERY green lol)
    Also just noticed the bottom card is a 10-11 set

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    Been a while since I asked, but I'm happy to say I finally found one! Perhaps I just suck at searching on Ebay... but I was thrilled to get this bad boy!

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    Nice. I hate that full orange jersey they had the Knicks wearing last season, just looks awful to me. The only card I could think of was the same one you mentioned from 11'12 Totally Certified of DRose
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