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    Looking to trade RG3, Kaepernick, Blackmon, Cam, Spiller, CJ, Precious Gem, etc Autos

    I'm looking to trade all of these cards. All cards are in at least nm-mint condition!

    /5 or less possibly a 1/1

    Kaepernick Treasures Auto Patch 4/10

    7/10 Jersey Number Supreme Auto Jumbo Patch

    5/10 Platinum

    2/5 Sterling Cams College jersey

    The Triple Threads is a White Whale 1/1 the Supreme Patch is a 1/1

    Absolute /10 4 Color Jumbo Patch auto

    Precious Gem /10

    Here is a list of the other cards Im looking to sell or trade which I can send pictures to anyone interested.

    Justin Blackmon 2012 Leaf Draft 1/1 Printing plate auto
    Chris Johnson 2008 Treasures Gold Auto 3 Color Jersey BGS 9.5 10 /25
    Chris Johnson 2008 Treasure Regular Jumbo Patch Auto /25
    Chris Johnson 2008 Absolute Auto Ball /5
    Percy 2009 Exquisite Holofoil /99 patch Autos (2 copies one solid color other 2 color)
    Percy/Maclin 2009 Rookie premiere Red Ink Dual Auto
    Cam Supreme Auto Jersey 20/20
    Tomlinson 2001 Topps Chrome Refractor PSA 9
    Tomlinson 2001 Absolute Memorabilia Auto Ball /25
    Crabtree 2009 Elite Auto /24 BGS 9 10
    Crabtree 2009 Contenders Auto
    Crabtree 2009 Finest Auto Patch /50
    Chris Johnson 2009 Treasure Auto
    Spiller 2010 Chrome Refractor Auto BGS 9 10 /50
    Mathews 2010 Contenders Both versions BGS 9.5 10 Auto
    Steven Jackson, Jones, Jones 2004 SPX Triple auto BGS 9.5 10 /25
    Steven Jackson 2004 UD Auto BGS 9 10 /39
    McFadden Gold Standard Auto Jersey BGS 9.5 10 /10

    If anyone is interested in anything let me know. Im only looking to trade for certain things so please don't tell me to look in your bucket if there is nothing of these there. Im looking for:

    Randy Moss high end rookies like precious Gem, Crusade, Credential stuff thats hard to find #d 100 or less
    Randy Moss autos that I dont have
    RG3 - Contenders autos any version, Valor base cards, Valor Patch Autos or Honor, Glory, Courage, Discipline, or 1/1s, Treasures Auto Patch Booklet, Sterling Gold or Prism auto, Chrome Prism or Black Refractor Auto, Retro insert cards, Precious Metal Gem /50 /10, Prizm Refractor Auto, SP Authentic Patch Auto /25, or any of the other SP auto not the Threads /75, Finest Atomic auto
    Dez Bryant - any autos high end I dont have
    Griffey - newer autos such as Topps Tribute
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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggyz129 View Post
    Check me for the cam five wtar
    photobucket either freezes or takes forever to load on my computer. Is there any of the things I listed that Im looking for in your bucket?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lagalaxyfan23 View Post
    Liked a few. CMB thanks!
    Is there anything listed I said im looking for? I didnt see any of them. Would you want to buy any or only trade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rednecksims View Post
    Interested in the RG3, Kaepernick NT and Absolute.


    nothing I can use. thanks

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