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    I did not realize those on the list assaulted a veteran. Thank you for clarifying that.

    Bill Clinton served. Pardon me, he was serviced while in the oval office.


    I never said any of them assaulted a veteran. I was merely ridiculing your "loonie-liberal = no gonads to serve" theory.
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    So, I guess this shows which group is more willing to lump the other together in idiocy.

    Thanks conservatives! You've just proven me right!

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    Wow! you guys should be calling the FBI BAU teams and apply! I mean really you could tell from those photos and video that was a Liberal?

    Great work!
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    If you are looking at Regulations and Rules, then the Captain did a fantastic job of restraining himself, but...

    The one "Regulation" that we all live by is the one that says..."Turn he other cheek".

    Guess what... we only have TWO cheeks.

    After the second swing the Captain should have sent this guy crawling back to mommy with his tail tucked between his legs!

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    The Captain should have made this guy slurp his noodles through a straw for 6 weeks.
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    Kudos to the military man for restraining himself. I don't have that kind of control. I would not have reacted the same way.

    And I agree, it is unfair to lump all libs into the same category, a few of them are respectful of our troops. However, I doubt if this guy attacked because he is a lib. He is most likely a foreign national and feels justified in assaulting American troops.

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    I guess I can take "a few" as a win. Thought we had "some" tape numbers but progress is progress...

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