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    Year of parity proving salary cap works

    Each time you stare at the NHL standings in this most unpredictable of seasons, you canít help but do a double-take.
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    I really like that there is more parity in the NHL. I agree that it is good for every fan base to feel that at some point their team will have a chance of making the playoffs or going further. No one wants to cheer for a perennial loser team. Not a Leafs fan, but it would definitely be nice to see the last team that did not make the playoffs since before the second last lockout, finally get in. Unfortunately they might take my Habs out, but it is all for the better of the overall game.
    Now fans that don't fill the arena when their teams are doing well, they don't deserve a team and it should be moved some place where the arena will fill up.
    Only downfall for all this makes it REALLY HARD to figure out which players to choose for my playoff pool! LOL
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    oops :)
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