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Thread: New Leafs Mai!l (Century Club)

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    New Leafs Mai!l (Century Club)

    Got some more sweet PC Leafs in this week,

    Percy Auto,

    Cool Scrivens retro auto,

    A beautiful 3 clr Scrivens Cup ARP:

    Which completes this:

    And finally the new Gardiners, which officially bring me to over 100 different cards of him!!!

    Nice 12-13 Auto,

    Cup Trios /25,

    Awesome Prime Black /10

    And super rare (only one I've seen) limited rookie numbers /9!!

    Big thanks to all I dealt with for these! Thanks for looking!

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    Little biased but love the cards! Congrats!
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    Looking for 01-02, 02-03 BTP memorabilia

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnse27 View Post
    Little biased but love the cards! Congrats!
    Thanks haha!

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    Love the look of that Prime Rookie Black. Congrats on the milestone and thanks for another great show!

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    From a fellow Leafs fan: Awesome additions! I'll be watching the game tonight (it starts 1 AM my time, haha). Let's beat Ottawa tonight!


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    Quote Originally Posted by TMLxCrosby87 View Post
    Thanks a lot guys! And playoffs here we come!!!
    Exactly! Dare we dream of winning the Stanley Cup this year? We've taken the first step towards it.

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