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    What does a average 1/1 go for in your opinion?

    Just as title states a semi star player patch card from before 05/06 season. Looking at one to add to my collection just not sure if ill be paying too much.
    thanks ryan
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    Anywhere from $30 to $250. "Semistar" and "Patch" is pretty broad.

    If its a guy from a less popular team, and isn't collected a whole lot...... then I wouldn't expect it to go for all that much. An eBay auction that starts at 99 cents may only get 1 or 2 bidders, and the price may never get all that high.

    Patch quality may have a lot to do with it too. If its something really unique, team collector's might go crazy for it.

    Is a rookie year card? If it's a 1/1 Patch parallel of a Rookie Card, that may hike the value up even more.

    Other thing to factor in, is who the seller is. Is it a card he's looking to sell, or a card he's willing to part with from his PC for the right price?

    Bill Ranford, my main collection, I can tell you this: I've picked up some 1/1s in the $30 to $40 range (patches, plates, autos) but I've also picked up some that were tripple that in price. They're one of a kind cards, very very hard to really say what is a fair price.

    I would only say this: If I was holding a 1/1 card that I considered to be an important card in my own collection, it would be expensive to get me to move it. The best way would likely to find another card that I wanted more.
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    What a vague question.

    Not all 1/1's are created equally, even of the same player. You've got Cup rookie plates, you've got parallels, you've got show-stamped cards, you have stick cards, you have patch cards. And everything in between. I've paid more for a Josh Gorges 1/1 than I have for a Carey Price 1/1.

    It depends on the desirability of the card and the player - some of the seemingly-most-obscure players out there have dedicated followings and they can get into a bidding war, and suddenly a card one wouldn't think would sell for more than $50 does ten times that. The only way to truly know what a 1/1 is to buy it.

    TL;DR 'bout tree-fiddy.
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    Even though it is a very vague question, to me this is the main part (and possibly missed by the people who posted before me) : "before 05/06 season"

    a) How many 1/1 Patches were made prior to 05-06? Probably not many.

    b) Of those 1/1 patches, how many were semistars? Likely a lot fewer.

    c) Of those 1/1 semistar patches, how likely are they to pop up, at a minimum of 8 years later? Highly unlikely.

    d) Of those 1/1 semistar patches that happen to pop up 8+ years later, what are the odds that someone has been looking for that card for years, and therefore is willing to pay through the nose to get it? Pretty high.

    So I'd say not only will it be expensive, but you probably have almost zero chance of even getting one.

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    It goes for what someone is willing to pay for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by howethegreat View Post
    It's hard not to agree on that one, LOL.

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