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    KHL Gold + Topps gold label 98/99

    Broke this stuff a week ago. I've always wanted to bust one of these gold label boxes. Stunningly beautiful cards! Technically, it may be one of my better pulls, but it's 14 years too late, I'm sure it had been a big hit back then.

    Tkachuk RED class 3 /25 (and these are hard to pull!) Bv is $200, kind of wonder what the real value is... it's available if anyone wants it.

    Also got better hits: Patrick roy black class 1 and Messier black class 2, and Stu Barnes Red class 1 xx/100.

    KHL gold, where to start with this one... sure there's room for improvement. Some of the design is overworked, one or two of the inserts feels "cheap", but apart from that, I haven't had this much fun in ages. You get a small box, with 24 packs in it. In each pack there is only one card, thought that was a mistake first but it isn't. That makes each card feel uniqie and special, and each pack is exciting to open. Each pack either have a rookie, an insert, an auto, or a gameused. It's 24 hits in other words. Just look at this, I'm not sure even a whole case of something else lowend to midend could produce this many hits and fun (I got nine autos/gameused):

    AND, despite not getting any big hit/name at all, I almost got my box money back, and I still got cards left! I so hope americans companies look at this product, take notes, and try to copy it, this is all what the hobby is about, FUN. The best design is gamemakers, in hand they're awesome and got a heavy feeling.

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    Nice hit. I pulled the 1/1 of that card the year it was released and traded it to a Tkachuk collector in Phoenix.

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