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    1997 chip shot poker chip question

    scan0001.jpg OK, how do you tell these suckers apart? Is it just the color of the chip? What is the difference between the red and first and ten red? Also, does the Marino coin have a "card number" on its own? It came in a holder, or was there a card which came with it?

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    OK, first the chips.

    They came in two products. 1997 Playoff Absolute, and 1997 Playoff First and Ten. They both came one per pack if I remember right, and on all different color chips. I don't think there were any premiums for a certain color chip. I think they were numbered along with the card in both sets. An early form of Parallel, just on a chip, not a card.

    Now the coin was from Pinnacle Mint. 97 or 98. Those came two or three cards and a coin I think per pack. There were several different coins. The common brass, nickel, and gold plated.

    There was also an insert coin set in one of the Mint products. So that coin could be from that set. And yes, they should have a number on the back, indicating what "card number" it is. Which should match the card, die cut with a hole in it for the coin. As I remember, there were parallels for the cards also.

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    I actually have a page of Marino Mint cards. There was also a 96 release.

    The only Marino coin I have is from 96, and it is NOT numbered anywhere on the coin. Just has his #13 on the front. This coin is IN the matching card.

    Edit... Also have a page of Elways. This has 5 coins.

    The 96 coins have the players number on the front, and the rest all have a card number on the front.

    Edit again. Yours is a 97 from the base set. Card (coin) #7. In the little football oval on the left on the front.
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    Both of those chips are the 1st and 10 chips. The easiest way to tell them apart is the background. The 1st and 10 have white backgrounds, while the Absolute has a silver sparkly background.

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