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Thread: 2012 Five Star 2 Box Break

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    2012 Five Star 2 Box Break

    I don't know. A total of one good card in the break do you think?

    Box 1
    Base - Darren Sproles 054/139
    Base - Mark Sanchez 030/139
    Base - Ray Lewis 104/139
    Jumbo Jersey - T.Y. Hilton 27/89
    Autograph - Ryan Broyles 070/150
    Autograph - Brett Favre 06/15
    Dual Autograph - Justin Blackmon/Kendall Wright /?? - REDEMPTION
    Auto Patch - Dwayne Allen 20/55

    Box 2
    Base - Stevan Ridley 110/139
    Base - Fred Jackson 118/139
    Base - Jonathan Stewart 104/139
    Jumbo Jersey - Blaine Gabbert 13/89
    Autograph - Juron Criner /?? - REDEMPTION
    Auto Patch - Michael Egnew 134/300
    Auto Patch - Dwayne Bowe 04/25
    Booklet Auto Triple - Robert Turbin 15/42

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    Nice Favre and then you got scr-Egnewed as well. Dual might be worth keeping.

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    freakin redemptions. Its at the point where its not worth opening boxes any more. You'll be waiting a long time on those redemptions.

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    Ouch... when you open two products and the only hit is a Favre Autograph, this is what makes people decide to stop busting wax.

    There are two good things about the Favre autograph though.
    1. #/15
    2. Green Bay Uniform (and not a Vikings Uniform)!

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    That Favre is Sweet, nice low number and Packers uni to boot.

    Depending on how much you had to pull out of your wallet will depend determine if the Favre is a good card or not.

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    Nice Favre but box two was pretty rough!


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    Nice looking Favre, stinks about the dual redemption!

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    That favre is awesome!
    Collecting Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin in that order.
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    Hey!! NICE Pulls!!! I'd Be Interested In The Hilton & Dwayne Allen Card's. LMK If Ya Would Sell & If So What Kinda $$ Ya Would Need For Them. They Would Go GREAT In My Colts PC.

    Thanks, John

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