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Thread: Graded Toys?

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    Graded Toys?

    ok a guy is offering me a bunch of graded cards and graded toys in a sale. Personally I will probably just break them out of their prisions if I do buy them. problem is he wants 4 to 5 times what they would go for on ebay, Comc, and trade boards because they are "GRADED".

    So does grading a card/toy actually do that to an items worth. Or is the guy trying to pull a fast one. Does an item being graded mean that there is no way they are fake items? or tampered with?
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    If they are actually graded and sealed by a illegitimate company. yes they are worth more and you should not pay that if you plan to open them up. I am not sure of any toy graders but cards coins and comics graded is very common

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