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    Hank Aaron Patch & Carlton Fisk Auto - WTTF: Nolan Ryan Auto!!!

    I recently pulled a 2005 Absolute Hank Aaron Dual Bat/Patch (2-Color w/ 3 areas of stitching) numbered to 35 and a 2005 Pastime Pennants Carlton Fisk Auto'd pennant /87...BV on the Aaron is $60 and the Fisk is $80...Would really like to put these together toward a Nolan Ryan auto. Please let me know what you have and if we can work something out!


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    i would like to trade for the aaron but i dont ahve a nolan auto...perhaps something on my tradelsit will peak your intrest for it though. check here


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    hey ive gotta 2004 donruss significant signatures nolan ryan 42/50 comings in,its BV is 120,do you have a scan of your 2 cards,lmk thanks


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    JAY- Thanks for the post, however, I would REALLY prefer to try and trade toward a Nolan Ryan auto first. :)

    CHRIS- Unfortunately, I don't have a scan at the moment, however, I can get one for you tomorrow morning. Thanks!

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    Love the Aaron, please check my list! I got a Blalock patch /49 not listed from your wants, along with 2 Dirk game used.

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    ok np...if it doesnt work out for you thne lmk and we can try and work something out.


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