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    Trading these vintage Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Ernie Banks & Hank Aaron for....

    looking mainly for the following, but will consider others as well: 1960 Topps Clemente, Yaz, Mantle All Star, Musial/1968 Topps Nolan Ryan RC and 1963 Topps Pete Rose RC.
    Always looking for 1960 Topps Baseball upgrades and Minnesota Twins Prospect autographs.

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    Shoot me your best price on the 58 mantle. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 14smoke2x View Post
    Shoot me your best price on the 58 mantle. Thanks.
    Or not.

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    PM me if you are selling the 68 mantle, or CMB. Thanks!
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    Got the '58 mantle all star still. Interested in your banks.
    LOOKING FOR: Banks, Clemente, Santo, Harper and Trout RC, RC of all stars especailly older stars, Autos, Older Cubs, and Vintage of stars!
    Basketball- Bulls autographs, Anthony Davis and LeBron RC!
    TRADELIST/PC!!!!! (updated; check!!!)
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    is this thread still alive?
    Primarily adding to my Don Mattingly collection. Also looking for Mickey Mantle, Atlanta Falcons, and whatever else catches my eye...
    bucket (not much but something for someone): Hidden Content

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    I'm interested, let me know if there is anything I have you are interested in.

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