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    1 Box 2012 National Treasures - No Luck :(

    Got a sweet deal on a Box of 2012 NT, so tried my luck, unfortunately NO LUCK :(
    Was planning on busting till I get something sick, but first box was just too good, and didn't want to push it lol

    Here's what I pulled....scans coming momentarily

    Matt Forte #57/99
    Sam Huff #57/99
    Bo Jackson #23/25

    Eric Decker Franchise Favorites #01/49
    Jaruis Wright NFL Gear #48/49

    Roger Staubach Century Materials #97/99

    Andy Lee Pro Bowl Letterman #3/3

    Olivier Vernon #49/99
    Blair Walsh #03/25 (Jersey #)

    Mohamed Sanu Gold (Redemption)
    Jarius Wright RPA #25/99

    and the sick hit of the box

    Earl "Dutch" Clark Souvenir Material Cuts (w/ piece of gu leatherhead) #6/6

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    That is a SICK HIT!!!!!

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    Trying to super Collect Herman Moore
    I collect UVA (University of Virginia Cavaliers) Football Players!

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    man i wish i could pull something like that, it would be the only reason i would even consider buying that product.
    "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."

    Nescit cedere

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    interested in the jersey/ball wright
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    Collecting Alshon Jeffery, Old time Bears, HOF autos, and ND players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rb289169 View Post
    interested in the jersey/ball wright
    Sorry, didn't see anything I could use for the Wright. (Any 49ers or guys in my sig?)
    Wish we could work something out for the Luck Strata, it would go nice with my Luck Strata Rivet

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