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Thread: What do I need to start TTM?

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    What do I need to start TTM?

    I have a collection of around 10,000 cards and want to start getting them signed. What do I need? I know I need stamps and envelopes, what sized envelopes should I use and should I try to get Canada stamps for Jays players (or hockey)? And how would I send to Canada? Do I need both stamps on both mine and the SASE? And can I send it in a penny sleeve or is there a significant risk of them signing that instead of the card?

    A few more questions

    Should I handwrite all of my notes I send?
    I am not a dealer, but I would prefer them not to be personalized. Should I specifically ask?
    And I know I can use the TTM manager, but can someone name me a few good players (any team, baseball) who are good with signing?

    Thanks for all of the help

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    Look for ballplayers who other collectors have already had success from who didn't personalize. I never ask them to not personalize and most time they don't but if they do charge it to the game. If you ask them not to personalize they usually get suspicious.
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    Don't ask them not to personalize, most will not anyways. Not a big deal if some do if it's for your own collection.

    If you have that amount of cards and plan to do a lot of TTM's then I would go and get a large number of permanent stamps from Costco. If it's just cards you're sending then a standard size envelope (9.5 x 4.5" I believe) along with a bunch of smaller sized envelopes to put inside of the standard size ones (these I think are 3.5" x 6.5"). Get ones that have a tape on the back which peels and sticks and they (the smaller ones which the card will come back in at least) should be security tinted. You can get them from a Dollarama or Walmart for cheap.

    Also, I'd recommend not getting in the trap of sending to every player you have a card of and turning it into a chore. Only send to players you think you will get a return from AND who have meaning to you. I have a list of around 800 retired NHLers and I just send to these ones along with current regular NHLers because I consider them to be good/notable along. Some guys will send to a player who has only played a single game but to each their own.

    I'd also print on the letters for all the cards rather than cursive writing no matter how good you feel your cursive is.

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