I won an auction for a Dion Phaneuf SPxcitement rookie on Ebay. Just before the auction was won the details were changed to say the shipping to Canada was going to be $8us for regular mail and that he wouldnt accept paypal from Canada. I emailed him and said that was ridiculous and a while later I got another email saying the shipping would be 3.45us. I emailed him back and said that was more reasonable. I payed with paypal and now I just got another email from him saying again that it would be $8us for delivery and no paypal from Canada. The name is Relson or Relson11? He already has the money I sent so what can I do now. This guy is a total shipping gouger or however you spell it. HE want the extra money or he wont ship it. I asked him to just refund my paypal and we will work something else out. Has anyone else ever dealt with this yahoo?