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    im back guys and need some help!

    Dont know if u guys remember me but I was a regular here than took a 6 month hiatus well I'm slowly getting back in so I was wondering if a few of my buddies here could help I have nothing to trade yet and am a diehard kc chiefs pc collector so I'm looking for a few base or inserts or even lower level rcs of these new chiefs for free than ill make it up at a later date looking for these guys

    Alex smith
    Donnie avery
    Mike devito
    Sean smith
    Dunta robinson
    Anthony fasano
    Zac diles
    Akeem jordan
    Geoff schwartz
    Hussain abdullah

    Please lmk if u can help and u could send them pwe if u want and help is greatly appreciated thanx
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    Can anybody help with even base?

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    If I'm not mistaken, you just want people to send you cards for free?

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    I have These cards:
    Alex Smith 05 UD Rookie Premiere #2
    05 Topps #435
    05 Bazooka #194
    Antonio Fasano 06 Topps #381
    I am looking for Packers 2012 to present or cash.


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    Eagles- yes ive given away plenty of rcs and base to help another collecters pc

    Royer-could use all are u looking for any 2013 guys I have a few rcs lmk

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