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    Looking hard to trade for any of these cards!!!!

    Pretty much looking for any of these JJ Redick cards from the past 2 years mostly. If you have any of them any help would be appreciated.
    1. 2012-13 Taco Bell Hoops
    2. Any Cards from the 12-13 Contenders
    3. Any cards from the 12-13 Certified
    4. Any cards from the 12-13 Limited
    5. 11-12 Limited Silver /49
    6. 12-13 Panini Marquee
    7. 12-13 Panini Matching Numbers #22 J.J. Redick/Jimmer Fredette
    8. 12-13 Panini Prizms Green Prizms and Gold Prizms /10
    9. 12-13 Panini Threads Gold Proof /25 and Platinum /10
    10. Any 12-13 Timeless Treasures
    11. 2011-12 Hoops Artist Proof /199
    12. Any 11-12 Gold Standards
    13 Any 12-13 Elite
    If anyone has any of these plmk and thxs for your time. PM me for quicker response. Thx Jody.
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    I have Kandall Marshall, Deandre Jordan and Luke Ridenour base green prizm and Brandon Rush Downtown Bound green prizm.

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    I have a ton of base and a good amount of reds and blues (and a few GU for that matter) from 2012-2013 Totally Certified, shoot me a pm if you're interested and I'll make you a list.

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    Sorry my mistake only looking Redick cards for these sets sorry for the mistake,

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    Ah sorry, I think I may have a certified blue but I'll have to check and get back to you.

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    come on guys plz help me with my Redick wants if you can. I will be happy if you have just one card that I am looking for. Thx Jody Also look for more than these certain ones listed so if you have any Redicks you don't want please list them. Thx Jody

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    please help me bring me your Redick cards. Base cards to 1/1's I wanted them all.

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