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    Question Who do you think wins the NBA Finals this year (2013) & who do you want to win?

    Who do you think wins the 2013 NBA Finals this year? And who are you rooting for to win it?
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    I think the Thunder take i this year.

    Who am I for? Anyone not named "Miami Heat"

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    If they stay healthy, Spurs and Spurs.
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    I think the Knicks could win it all, but I'd love the Grizz too.
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    I want the Celtics to do it but it should not be hard for the Heat to win it. As much as I hate to see it, there is no other team this year that can match them but anything can happen.

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    I think the Heat will win pretty easily this year
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    I think the Heat are gonna take it again with Westbrook being injured now :(
    I'm rooting for anybody but the Heat
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    I'm hoping for the Celtics to win, but it looks like that isn't going to happen haha. I assume the Heat will win but I would like to see someone new like the Thunder or Clippers win. Sucks that Westbrook went down!!!
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    Now that the Heat have the Bulls, I think they will be facing a real challenge, even if they win the series, it will probably be a 6 or 7 gamer and will wear them out down the road. I think the Knicks could really make a play to win the Finals if their old-timers don't fall apart.

    Coming out of the West, probably a Grizzlies/Thunder WCF with the Grizzlies winning to due to the lack of Russell Westbrook.
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