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    Is this Gretzky card the all time steal in Hockey Card History?

    302.00 for a Gretzky Fleer Retro Buyback 1/1 Hard Signed. Unbelievable.
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    I think the seller did well. It's just an autographed base card with 1/1 marked on it. What is to stop someone from getting the same card autographed by Gretzky and writing 1/1 on it?
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    The card is very ugly where the autograph is located it looks more like a bunch of scribbles then an actual autograph. Plus this is a prime example of 1/1's not being very desirable. Even the 1/1's of Gretzky from All Time Greats were selling lower as well.

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    In short, no.

    Any time you're paying three figures for a card, unless it's normally well into the four figures or more, it's hard to justify calling that a steal. As others have noted, this isn't really the greatest-looking card you'll see out there, and as I've said in other discussions, not all 1/1's are created equally. While, sure, some Gretz 1/1's can command massive dollars, there's always bound to be some "duds" that sell for considerably less than that.
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    It would be a steal if every player didn't have 100+ 1/1s! So many 1/1's out there now a days it's just plain stupid! I don't even bother collecting them for Jeff Skinner considering 25% of his cards are 1/1s???????????????? Now that makes no sense to me? Just a way to convince people to buy stuff I guess but I just think there are WAY too many of them. But that's just my opinion, Brad.
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    yea, that does seem very weak for a 1/1. there are way to many out there.
    i dont own a 1/1 yet, but its not on my top of my want list for kopitar/voynov. They will come eventually. theres so many out there.

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    The placement of the autograqph is just plain laughable....!
    Plus wrong card to be signed because it's way too much blanck om the card.

    The autograph itself looks tired, but very understandable because how many
    autographs has Gretz not singed during his life?

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    I would no and not by a long shot. I have voiced my opinions on fleer retro in the past, but to make it short this product is a bust that only the hardcore collector would splurge money on or those that like shiny inserts. Also consider that you can get an average Gretzky auto from a high end set for 150-200, the seller got about what he should have imo.

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    How much do these Retro Fleer box go for? I haven't had the time to visit my local store to check it out. If that gretzky was wearing an Oilers....i would imagine it would sell big money!

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    i would not even pay 100$ for such ugly card but thats just me.. way overprice ...
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