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    Nice, Crisp Five Dollar Bill for Best Card!

    Thats right $5 for the best card, I just found this behind my dresser and decided to get a card with it :)

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    From now on I do not want to look through sites please give me a list of what you are willing to sell

    shino i like a lot of stuff what would you/ or not be willing to sell for $5

    rdeezee- no thank you

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    Clinton Portis leaf rookies and stars rookie

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    well just LMK what you like, and i can give you BV's and stuff like that.

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    shino- i know it wouldnt be $5 but how much for mark bradley rookie Ticket AUTO

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    I do have several of the players off your list in the photobucket, you can check that out and lmk if you see anything that would warrant a $5 bill!!

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