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    Anyone have a kobe auto for trade??

    really need a kobe auto? looking to trade for one. also willing to do a cash/card deal.lmk what you have. i need one really badly for a card im loking to get.


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    have stuff incoming. dont just look at my photobucket an skip over. lmk. i can offer a good deal


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    have the stuff on my site and these incoming:
    Peyton Manning auto bv 120
    Chad Johnson Auto /10
    Larry Johnson rookie /50 bv 100
    JJ Arrington patch auto bv 100
    Montana/young dual jersey BV 50-60
    Lavernius Coles rookie auto BV 50
    Chad johnson star gazing auto BV 50


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    anything else, not interested in any of the ones u listed for the kobe

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