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Thread: Topps is Pathetic!

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    Topps is Pathetic!

    I had redeemed a 2012 Strata RC Auto of Chris Givens last year and I got a email from Topps telling me that it would be replaced with another card and I needed to contact them about requesting a team. I asked for a Rams card in return since that's the only football I follow. So today I get a stupid Greg Salas autograph in the mail from Topps.....a guy that isn't even on the team anymore and hasn't even played a down of football since 2011. What a absolutely pathetic replacement! Not to mention the card arrived slightly bowed because it didn't have any protection around it. Topps is such a freaking joke! I wrote on the letter enclosed that I'm not accepting the card due to the fact that it was damaged and it was a pathetic player replacement. I also put return to sender on the package as I'm not wasting money sending this junk back to them. Unbelievable waste of time!

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    I would contact them about it. Salas isn't even a Ram.

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    Hey at least they asked you instead of sending you a random scrub from Cleveland or KC

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    Haha, I would consider Salas a "random scrub". The did no background work to realize that this guy hasn't even played a down of football for 2 years and has been on a few different teams since the Rams. That's not even close to an equal replacement haha.

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    Man they didn't know your full desires of wanting a current Ram's player so why not cut em some slack.



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