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Thread: Sending 8x10's TTM

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    Sending 8x10's TTM

    I have never sent 8x10's TTM before and want to begin so I am wondering the most cost effective way of sending 8x10's TTM as well as where to get them. I have heard people talk of Walgreens and such but how do you obtain high quality photos? Thanks for the input, David

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    I use AdoramaPix and get my photos made on Lustre paper. They have a $1 sale that ends at midnight eastern tonight.

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    1. Do a Google image search for the players name
    2. Click on Search Tools > Size > Large


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    I print all my photos myself on a photo printer I invested in. Saves me a ton of money. Basically each 8x10 costs me 10 cents and each 4x6 costs me 2 cents
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    How do you guys find good images though? Does google have high quality photos? Also, Do 8x10's ever get bent when they send them back to you?

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    The closest google has to high quality is searching for large photos. As for getting bent, write DO NOT BEND in large letters on SASE and outer envelopes. Our mail person has dropped my 8x10s off at the door as opposed to placing them in the mailbox. I try and keep cardboard around when possible and then recycle them for other TTM requests.

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    Thanks dsolzman! If I were to start getting my 8x10's from Walgreens, how does it work exactly? Do I find my own photos on google and then send them to walgreens? Do they turn out good?

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    You can choose to do that but matte photos are better for autographing than glossy are. Personally, I prefer the lustre ones by AdoramaPix.

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    Okay is AdoramaPix cheap as well? Im gonna join and want to refer you. What is your email address for AdoramaPix

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    Their prices aren't too bad. Referral # is 4775784

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