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    YEAH!! that's how I feel about internet explorer 10 right now. I cant download pics onto anything internet related AT ALL. automatic download started and now this. haven't had a day off in over a week and the only thing I wanted to do was load new trade bait pics. guess that's not happening now! end rant

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    lol cant download them either. this has my comp all messed up

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    Quote Originally Posted by meandsharon11 View Post
    lol cant download them either. this has my comp all messed up
    I always keep firefox on a flash drive so if something happens then I don't need to download it. I'd recommend it over IE or Chrome.
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    I agree with the above. IE sucks because of all the security garbage and Chrome is too limited in what a person can do. Firefox is by far the best browser to use for most everything because it doesn't have all the headaches like the others.

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    I cannot get firefox to quit crashing on me...I uninstalled it and re-installed and it still crashes unexpectedly and usually takes another program down with it...

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    I thought this was a thread about Q-bert

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