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    1 Zenith 1 Contenders Triple M is better than nothing!

    Well my LCS finally lowered their prices on boxes! Got a killer deal on both boxes so I had no choice. Well I had a choice but you guys know what I'm saying!lol So here is the damage. Listing hits only. Not as good as I had hoped but it is what it is! I won't complain as you take the good with the bad(not saying everything was bad though). On a side note the last 2 boxes I busted were the same things(zenith/11/12 Contenders) and I pulled the RNH contenders RC auto and Hall zenith RC auto.


    Rookie Roll Call- Bernier
    Crease is the Word- Hiller
    Mozaics Bruins- Thornton/Rask/Chara
    Gifted Grinders- Brian Boyle
    DTT Epix- Lucic

    Contenders 11/12

    Calder Contenders- Teubert, Campanale
    Cup Contenders- Luongo, P. Roy(not to shabby)

    Now for the better hits with a top 3(and the reason for the triple M title)





    Now for the top 3 and the reason for the title!lol

    #3 Jacob Markstrom Rookie auto /999

    #2 Mario Lemieux Red Hot Parallel

    #1 Contenders Patch auto 2clr Matt Duchene

    On a side note I put the fat pack from Contenders aside. There was only one and when I hit 2 not so great autos. I figured with that one pack and only 2 autos it had to be a patch auto or something! The Duchene is NFT at this time. Everything else can be had by PP or trade. Looking for Jeff Skinner off my wantlist in my sig. Thanks for the look and comments welcome, Brad.
    Super Collecting Jeff Skinner
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    amazinggg duchene):) thAt auto is sick ..although it wasnt the best it was definitely entertaining and fun to watch u break ur boxes ..congrats !!):)
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    I collect: Adam Larsson, Mason Raymond and Matt Duchene

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