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    Championship Collection 20 Pack Break (WWF/WCW/WWE)

    I went to Kmart yesterday with my father and picked some light switches up. I took a stroll over by the card displays looking for 2013 Topps Triple Threat but they didn't have any. Only wrestling product was a Championship Collection box filled with 16 packs of various wrestling sets.

    The box says you are supposed to receive 16 packs but we got 20.

    WCW/NWO Nitro x3
    WCW/NWO Series One x1
    WWE Topps 2010 x5
    WWF Wrestlemania x4
    WWE Agression x1
    WWF Smackdown x1
    WWE Royal Rumble x2
    WWF Rock Solid x1
    WWF Raw Is War x1
    WWE Wrestlemania XIX x1

    Hits: I was happy to pull 2 relics that I don't own.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin Mat Relic
    Trish Stratus Mat Relic
    2002 Royal Rumble Deacon Batista
    2002 Royal Rumble John Cena
    WCW v. The Pac v. Hollywood Sticker
    Nash v. Giant Sticker
    DDP v. Hogan Sticker
    Konnan Sticker

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    Very nice break always nice to see old school products
    2017 WWE Women's Division
    Jason Giambi/Kris Humphries/Tyler Wilson

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    Nice box man. I seen one of these in Kmart the other day and left it sit thinking it was just crap. I actually mite go back out there and get it Friday lol. Thanks for sharing.

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    most are crap. seen several boxes busted and this is the first one ive seen thats had relics of any kind in em. there was one box on youtube that half the packs were the slam attax cards. ugh.

    some have random old tna cards in em too. but majority is wwe.

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    This break was really fun. It brought back a lot of memories of watching wrestling as a kid. I wish Topps would take a look at some of the insert sets that were produced by Fleer and take some pointers from them.

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    Pretty good stuff, I have seen those before as well but have never picked one up, now I just may :)

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