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    WTB 2013 Super Egg "Canadian Team Goalie Mask Collection"

    I was wondering if anyone would happen to have any of the 2013 NHL Canadian Team Goalie Mask Collections that were found in the Super Eggs at Easter time.There is a set of 7 plus a rare Stanley Cup Winner LA Kings cup.I need 3 more for my set.I have a few to trade for the ones that I need or I will simply buy them if you can help.They must be still in the plastic egg and not assembled.Please contact me by PM if you can help.

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    Still looking for these.PLMK

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    still need a few of these.PLMK

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    still hoping for these

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    Someone must have eat these chocolate eggs at Easter

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    still looking for a few of these.PLMK

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    Still looking for some help with these.PLMK

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    Still need these.PLMK

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    still need these.PLMK

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    No one has any of these.PLMK

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