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    Can anyone give any info on this card? Frank Thomas auto

    Picked it up at the LCS. Can't really find anything on it. I've seen the promo cards from with the printed auto but this one looks real. Came with this paper. He told me he saw one listed with the actual autograph. Anyway figured any information would be helpful.

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    Can't say I've seen a Promo with a real autograph before. Beckett doesn't make mention of it but they are never 100% correct.
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    Yea there are a few listed on ebay but no real detail about them/how they came out to the public. I know the regular auto books pretty high.

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    I just checked the Beckett Almanac I have and it lists a PROMO autograph of Frank Thomas for this set but they it listed as a SILVER version. Yours looks like the gold version. So I don't know if that is just a mistake on their part or not.
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    They are fairly tough. A gold one should sell for around $200. Nice pick up.

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    Thanks for the info guys! He brought it in from an older collector and I put some tradebait and some cash on it. Glad to see it at least acknowledged on a list. I've seen a couple but didn't know much info about it.

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    So that is a real auto? Strange, never heard of a promo with a real auto! Nice card! I might have interest if selling.

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