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    Elementary school collecting saw the end of Parkhurst, Topps in the middle, followed by the re-emergence of OPC. It was also really nice of my cousin to give me his collection of 50s stuff before he headed off to college. The collecting ended early in highschool as girls and cars started to take precedence.

    I didn't look at cards again until about 1989 when my son got interested in my shoebox of vintage cards. He was a Habs and Jets (Selanne) fan so we concentrated on trading for his interests. This continued until he got interested in girls and left me to collect on my own.

    My Air Force career has been completed in Ottawa so I now follow both the Habs and Senators. To scale back the costs I have limited the annual Montreal want list and have concentrated on pre 2005 Senators. Also kept collecting a few individual players as well as working on my old CFL collection.

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    Early 90s
    Collected anything I could get my hands on. Was proudest of my Ed Bel four ProSet RC and my Nicklas Lidstrom RC. Started on the UD low numbers set.

    Mid 90s lost interest in cards.

    Late 90s Messier is the captain and Linden got traded? I'm done with hockey.

    Early 00s Messier is gone and Linden is back. I like hockey again!

    Found all my old cards, bought a Beckett and learned I had nothing. Started collecting Brodeur/Luongo /Sakic/S Niedermayer...too hard. Changes to local guys, most of whom I know on some level (Kelly/Brust/Watkins/Schultz) and have now added a RC of every Canucks ever...that's gonna be tough.
    I also started hoarding Smyl/Linden/McLean/Lidstrom/Naslund RCs and if/when Bure's 10 hits the rafters I'll be hoarding those too.

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    When I first started collecting it was everything. Then I started thinking about a player PC and started collecting Scott Niedermayer after he brought the Stanley Cup to our fire camp in 2003. Well I'm at over 1200 different cards for Niedermayer and it's getting to find the cards I don't have so I decided to go after Canuck RC's last year.
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    Collecting Scott Niedermayer

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    (sidenote: this will be my first post lol!) ... great idea for a thread, real cool to see how everyone have all evolved over decades... my journey....

    started off collecting anything and everything (there was a dollar store in the next town over that sold 99UDMVP for 25 cents a pack. i guess the owner had no idea what they were selling... i literally bought 600-700 packs of it between the ages of 11-15 lol)

    after the first lockout i wanted to try and collect all UD 1/2's every year, then discovered a love for random large sets i could build that were interesting as well. after that (later high school years) i became a middle tier collector, $150 buck boxes at the time were a gold mine.

    went to university, money had to go towards living instead of my hobby, didnt buy any packs for a few years.... got back into it this year (going to be my 5th in uni) and now im back to as obsessed as i was in high school!

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