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    I did it again! Tom Brady Autograph Upgrade!

    Ever since I started collecting, I have always wanted a Tom Brady auto. Even though it is no longer my favorite card (since i got my Mantie, which i never saw myself owning), it will always be my Eleanor (for those movie buffs :D). When i got into collecting I never really saw myself owning one because of how expensive they were, but when i started collecting, i wasn't as big into the hobby as i am now, and i have owned many, many Brady autos!

    After my first Brady auto accusation, I decided I wasn't going to stop their, and chase the nicest one possible (1/1 auto, contenders, logo patch, etc). But instead of hemorrhaging an abusrd amount of money all at once, i would upgrade them slowly and see how many different Brady auto's I could own, until i found one that I truely loved :)

    Today i decided to upgrade again! Here is the auto that I picked up back in January!

    2010 Plates and Patches Tom Brady Autograph /5:

    I have always been a huge fan of National Treasures, and being my favorite product I thought that might be my next step. I personally don't trust brady Redemptions atm as I have one sitting with Panini for who knows how long now...I decided to get one from 2010, I love this card, cannot wait to get it in, this might be a good stopping point, holding onto this one and starting a new Brady auto from square one again!

    2010 National Treasures Tom Brady Ring of Honor Autograph /4

    Thanks for viewing

    - Anthony
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    Thats huge because there's a few people doing that set and with only 4 in the world . You can probably sell it and get a better one
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    Very nice looking Brady!


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    I would go for an on-card one, and sell the NT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrlebert View Post
    I would go for an on-card one, and sell the NT!
    I was thinking the same thing
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