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    Post Marc Gasol wins NBA Defensive Player of the Year

    Grizzlies center Marc Gasol has won his first NBA Defensive Player of the Year award after anchoring the league's stingiest defense.

    The NBA announced Wednesday that Gasol received 212 points and 30 first-place votes. The 28-year-old Gasol becomes the first Grizzlies player to earn defensive player honors.

    The 7-foot-1 Spaniard averaged 1.7 blocks and 1.0 steals for a Memphis defense that allowed a league-low 88.7 points per game.

    "I'm the first European ever to accomplish this," Gasol said Wednesday at a news conference held in the lobby of the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tenn. "It's really an honor. Now I think my kids will believe me when I tell them I played in the NBA."
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    This seemed to do more with Memphis as a unit than Gasol. Tony Allen, Prince and Conley are very good defensively. Now if they can defend CP3.....

    Good for him but the voting was wack imo.

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    Very well deserved!
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    Here's my problem with the voting.....

    #1 guy - 8rb, 1stl, 3pf, 1.7blk, 14ppg, 4apg in 35mpg
    #6 guy - 10rb, .7 stl, 1.7pf, 2.6blk, 18ppg, 2.7apg in 30mpg

    Why the big gap (and Lebron second lol)? The "defensive" stats say they should have been closer. The only advantage is assists. This has to do with Memphis' collective defensive effort but for some reason. Something also tells me they need to "even out" the perception of the Pau trade.
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    It's not just about stats. If you alter a shot, that's defense also - but will never show up in a box score. Plenty of guys get more rebounds and/or blocks. It's about total defense - how his man scores (or in this case, doesn't) score when guarded, how the other team scores (or again, doesn't) when he's on the floor.

    This article should sum it up:

    Now, in full disclosure, I'm Grizz season ticket holder, but he does so much each night that never shows up in a box score to affect the game.
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    Fair enough. Seeing how Allen and Conley were ahead Gasol (1,2 and 3 respectively) in def efficiency confirms that he's not alone out there. Chandler wins it last year on a team with no defense minded players other than a rookie. I just see too much "wiggle room" in the award and they really need to take the voting back and give it to people who have to compete against these guys. That's how Howard ended up what 14th????

    Having watched the Spurs for some time it amazes me how they can have darn good defenders like Bowen and Duncan yet never seem to get this award. Won't even get started on the MVP for a team that's won consistently for well over a decade lol. What really gets under my skin though is that they punished and criticized the Spurs for playing the grind out game the Grizzlies now play but seem to punish them (via awards) when they picked up the pace and started leading in offensive categories.
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    Well, Gasol was #1 after the all-star break, I think. But yes, overall, we're a great defensive team. But, Tayshaun is killing us this post-season. He couldn't guard me, I don't think, and he's turning into a liability on offense as well. We were a much better team last night w/ Q-Pon on the floor.

    And Howard should win it eventually, I imagine. My biggest issue with him is that he seems more concerned with the highlight block than the smarter play. When he swats a ball into the stands, it's the same as a turnover - it may look great on Sportscenter, but you're just giving it back to the other team.
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    I don't think Gasol deserved to win it by the margin he did. It was much closer than that and there wasnt a runaway winner in my mind.
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