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    Cool My 1st BGS cards came in today!! Vick and Caron autos (pic)

    I was surprised at the Vick being a 9 (thought it might have been lower)...but hey, I'm not complaining hehe. 10 centering, 8.5 corners (doh!), 9 edges, 9.5 surface. Only 3 of this card have been graded a 9, and they are the highest ones.

    The Caron I wanted a 8.5 on, but can't complain. A corner in the back had the slightest white against a red background. The UD Finite cards did not have the best quality card stock IMO. 9.5 centering, 7.5 corners, 8.5 edges, 9.5 surfaces. But what got me was the autograph's grading of 8, is this not the nicest Caron Butler signature you have ever seen??? This is the only one graded so far in their population reports.

    I bought both cards b/c their signatures were beautiful, Vick's is usually sloppy as hell, can't tell between the "M" and "V", but here, you can clearly see both.

    Overall, I think I did good. Nice experience. I have a Marino Sign of the Times auto being graded at the 45 day level...not only my favorite card, but I paid a little extra as the guy said it was gem mint. And boy was it ever, I'm aiming at a 9.5 on it, but would be happy with a 9.0 also.

    BTW, I noticed they changed the labels a bit? They know have a web address for Beckett on the label, and the Caron label is kinda white with a foil appearance. Can anybody explain the different shades of labels BGS uses?


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    sweet cards Vic!! :D

    Maybe they use a different color scheme for the different sports or maybe 9 and above gets the gold background color??

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    1-8 = white and blue
    8.5-9.0 = silver
    9.5-10.0 = gold
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    Very sweet cards man ~ Congrats

    Did you pull the Vick?

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    I bought them both, the Vick BVs at $100 (one of his cheaper autos), I paid $60 including shipping on Ebay. It's selling for $75+ now...75% of BV, not bad.

    I thought it was a hell of a deal at the time, nice looking card from UD and a hell of a great signature...if you look at others of the same card, they are just plain nasty.


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    I just saw a Vick SP Authentic auto sell for $100. Looks like the injury helped! :D


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    Originally posted by radioheadfloyd
    How the hell do they grade autographs?
    Just curious - what do you mean? Do you mean how they sign their name?


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    I guess my Caron auto had a bit of the "C" hanging off the edge, but only under a magnifying glass can u you guys can see from the pic, it's nothing to twist your panties about.

    Autograph Grading Scale (5 through 10):

    10 - A beautiful, boldly signed autograph that appears nearly
    perfect to the naked eye. Under normal viewing, it looks like an aesthetically-
    pleasing autograph.

    9 - This is a signature that is also very pleasing, but has slight
    imperfections that barely detract from the autograph. Very light bubbling or
    micro scratching is allowable, but no yellowing, fading, or smearing. Positioning
    should be nearly perfect with just the very tips of a letter or two cut off
    or hidden.

    8 - At this level, some flaws begin to stand out slightly.
    Signature is still solid and pleasing, but might be somewhat bubbled
    throughout, or have areas of minor scuffing/scratching that detracts from
    the aesthetic beauty of the signature. Only lightly visible yellowing or
    fading or smearing is allowed. A cut signature may only have 10% of the
    signature hidden (or missing, when referring to a sticker autograph). Only
    a very small tip of the signature may run off or bleed onto the edge.

    7 - Flaws are evident, including heavy bubbling throughout,
    noticeable scratching, minor but noticeable yellowing or fading, small but
    obvious portions of smeared ink. Up to 20% of a cut autograph may be hidden,
    or 20% of a sticker auto may be missing. A portion of the signature may run
    off the card or may bleed onto the edge.

    6 - Heavy flaws are easily visible and highly distracting,
    including bubbling to the point of portions of the autograph being essentially
    invisible, extremely distracting scratching, yellowing or fading, or
    significantly smeared ink on multiple areas of the autograph. Up to 35% of a
    cut autograph/sticker may be hidden/missing. Several letters of the signature
    may run off the card, bleeding onto the edge or opposite side of the card.

    5 - Very heavy flaws that highly distract from the autograph,
    including portions of the autograph being completely removed or invisible,
    catastrophic scratching throughout the entire autograph, extremely heavy
    yellowing, massive fading of the entire signature, smeared ink throughoutthe
    entire autograph. Over 50% of a cut autograph/sticker may be hidden/missing.


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