SCF Staff are responsible for running official site contests.

However, we do also encourage members to come up with their own ideas to get other members engaged and participating in fun activities on SCF. If you are interested in organizing and running a contest on SCF, please follow these relatively simple guidelines:

Please DO NOT post a contest in this forum or any other forum without PRIOR SCF STAFF APPROVAL. Please PM either the Hockey Team Manager and/or the SCF Contests Manager first, and with the following information:
  • Contest Start Date/Time
  • Contest End Date/Time
  • Prize(s)
  • Eligibility (i.e. are SCF Staff eligible?)
  • Tie-breaking formula if applicable

When submitting your request to the Team Manager or site Contest Manager, please have as complete a write-up for the contest as possible. It's OK to have a mostly-complete draft that you can edit later, but the more complete the contest post the more likely we are to be able to approve it.

Please be sure to give us some time to review the contest. If you want to start something on Saturday, send in the request on the previous Sunday or Monday, NOT on Friday night. Remember that all SCF Staff are volunteers and may not be available at all times.

Contests CAN NOT take members off SCF - this means that YouTube and Facebook type contests cannot be conducted. You can promote the contest on social media, but given the option we would prefer you to draw people TO SCF, not FROM it.

When you have approval for a contest, please post your thread and send the link to the Team Manager and/or Contest Manager and they will edit a comment at the top of the thread indicating approval.

Note: Card Giveaways are not considered contests. We define a contest as any promotion where members are competing for a prize, through a game of chance or skill; i.e. predictors, guess the score, etc. If you have cards that you simply want to give away, you do not need approval from SCF Staff.
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It is expected that members who run contests will fulfill their obligations to contest winners in a timely manner. As such, SCF Rules relevant to trading/buying/selling apply:
  • Prizes should be mailed to winners within a reasonable time frame - we respect that it can take time to tabulate winners for a large contest, but if two weeks have passed since the end of the contest and winners are still waiting for notification that their prize has been mailed, that's not cool.
  • Prizes must be in-hand at the time you post the contest. Staff will ask that pictures/scans of the prize(s) be posted in the thread.
  • Members who do not fulfill their obligations will not be permitted to run contests in the future

Thanks very much, we look forward to hearing your ideas!
The SCF Team