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Thread: Do you recycle?

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    Do you recycle?

    SO how many live in communities where the city does recycling now like the trash. We finally got that service this year. I know in Canada they still buy back bottles and cans right? What part of the cahin are you: reduce? reuse? recycle? For me the reduce part is the most important, than the reuse. I have managed to eliminate so much wasteful buying that I have seen it change my month to month economic situation....more money for cards!

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    We've had a city recycling plan for almost 15 years now. All glass, tin cans, plastic, cardboard and newspaper gets picked up every second week. Garbage is picked up on the alternate week. For larger metal items (washers, dryers, barbecues, etc) my neighbourhood is constantly being travelled by gentlemen that cruise around loading up their trucks the night before garbage day.
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    I started recycling about 5 years ago. I don't even have trash service. I only have about one bag of trash a month so I just take it over to a friends house to throw out. We have a recycling center that's about 10 minutes from my house so I go there once every few months when my bins get full. They also have another part at the recycling center that takes old paint, batteries, and appliances.

    I'm a little bit of all three. I'm an artist so I like taking things that people trash or broken stuff and repurpose it into something people might buy.

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    My town has single stream recycling and they pick up every other week so I pretty much recycle everything. If my condo complex had a compost area I'm not sure if I would need a trash can anymore as the town takes almost everything for recycle. Our system sounds very similar to the one habsheaven has.

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    There is no recycling service in the spot where I stay in but I would participate if there was. I do recycle bubble envelopes from trades and ebay pickups. I got about 100 or so sitting in my closet.
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    I've been recycling since I was a kid in the early 90s. We have trash like pickup, but I often forget so my house is full of cardboard. Throwing away bottles and cans is just throwing away cash.

    I also love to make stuff out of scraps that are otherwise useless. I have an end table I made entirely out of mirror and about 2 dozen card holders I made out of mirror, glass and screen-(like in your windows screen)bar.

    I used to work in a glass shop.
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    I recycle everything possible. It's hard trying to train my family though. I am hauling more of their refuse out of the garbage, cleaning it, then adding it to the recycle trolly.

    We only put out one very small bag of garbage per week, sometimes we make it two weeks without having to contribute to a landfill. My Big Red Recycle Trolly is always bulging.

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    We don't have curbside recycling (we don't have many curbs to be honest) but we have a local recycling center. My family recycles aluminum and paper, which is the only things they take. They only take plastic bottles like water bottles and soda bottles and don't take colored glass.
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    I've recycled for years. As the OP stated we get refunded for bottles and cans in Saskatchewan since the 80's. The past few years I started saving paper and cardboard, and when I had enough for a trip worth it, I would take it to a drop off station close to where I live. I also started in the past couple years saving tin cans, and any other plastics that are recyclable. I also have a compost pit in the back yard.

    A new bonus for me now here in Saskatoon is that the city has just dropped off the blue dumpster bins this past week so I don't have to hoard anything. I can just wheel it to the curb every couple of weeks. However I still have to take in my bottles for refund! :)

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    I definitely reuse as much as I can, and as many people have mentioned tend to hoard some thigns thinking that I will use them again. i just feel it as a personal challenge to see how "off the grid" I can live.

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