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    Your Evaluation of the 1st Round?

    I gotta say, I am shocked at some picks, disappointed at others and amazed at how well other teams drafted. My evaluation...

    - EJ Manuel to the Bills - I was surprised they passed on the chance to add Tayvon Austin to their roster. I was absolutely shocked that they took EJ Manuel at #16 when he almost definitely would have been there at #9 in the second round. I get that they want to develop him and don't disagree with the concept, but if Kolb struggles due to lack of offensive talent around him the pressure will be to get Manuel out there, and he won't be ready anytime soon.

    - Jets drafting Milliner and Richardson - Ignoring that they have major needs in their running and passing game, they invested in a CB that many thought wasn't the best CB in the draft to replace Revis and a DT that pretty much everyone agees wasn't the best DT in the draft. I get that they (or anyone for that matter) wasn't going to draft a RB in the first round, but passing on Tyler Eifert was a boneheaded move.

    Disappointments/Confusing Moves:
    - Jarvis Jones to the Steelers - Yeah, they are my team, and this pick irked me. Jones is slow (4.9/40) and is just one helmet-to-helmet hit away from spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. They have needs at CB (could have drafted Trufant or Rhodes), WR (could have drafted Hopkins or Patterson) and have an aging pair of starting safeties with health issues (could have drafted Reid). Taking a slow LB with potential health issues and passing on top talent was a dumb move.

    - Bengals draft Tyler Eifert - This one baffles me. No doubt Eifert is a solid TE, but he will be the #2 TE behind Grasham, at least for a while. Why use the 21st pick on a back-up TE? Here is an idea. How about drafting Trufant and helping out your secondary that has just one CB worthy of starting that is under 33 years old?

    My pick for best Day 1 performance...

    Minnesota Vikings - They did it right. They had 3 1st round picks and they resisted the urge to trade up and waited for some very solid players to drop into their lap. And they didn't even need to be drafting higher than 23 to do it. Xavier Rhodes is easily one of the top 3 CBs in this draft. His size (6'1", 210), speed (4.4/40) and experience (3 year starter at FSU) combined with his natural press skills make him at steal at #25. Getting Shariff Floyd at #23 is crazy. Nearly everybody had this guy as a top 5 pick. Toss in one of the three best WRs in Coradelle Patterson at #29 to help out their young QB and in my opinion this was easily the best draft day for any team this year.

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    i love the eifert pick, he looks like jimmy graham 2.0, he was clearly the best player available on their board and Gresham only has 1 year on his contract anyway. plus this opens up so much in the offense with 2 te sets and ofcourse Daltons strengths are short and intermediate passing not to mention what a threat eifert will be in the red zone. love the pick! to address the corner situation they drafted Kirkpatrick last year top 20 who was injured most of last season he needs to play before they draft another cb. the only glaring hole on defense is at strong safety which im hoping for cyprien early in the 2nd today.

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    any team that has 3 first round picks should be at the top. The jets are terrible at picking in the draft, but I think they were doing the right thing (just didn't pick the right players). They can get a rb in 2nd or 3rd round. The Steelers will pick up a wr today (Robert woods) and will address other needs. Their pick was iffy though. The giants pick baffled me.

    I'm just happy the Texans finally addressed the elephant in the room and got Hopkins. The whole time he was the guy I was hoping they would get.

    with the cream of the crop being offensive linemen and the majority of the top half of the first round being the same that's telling of the talent pool this year.

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    Go Vikes, I'm really starting to like Coach Frasiers and the front office thinking. Hopefully it shows up where it matters, On the field!

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    Rex Ryan must hate Mike Greenberg and the rest of the Jets nation.
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    I like the idea of having a big guy on D for the Panthers, but this guy apparently has health issues...IDK. I'm on the fence.

    I agree, the Vikings came out big. I think the Rams did, as well. They needed to give Sam more weapons.

    The highlight of the night were the booing Cowboy's fans when they heard their pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meandsharon11 View Post
    any team that has 3 first round picks should be at the top.
    And then we have the Jets with 2 of the first 13 picks and they came out nowhere near the top...

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    I think the Vikings were the winners of round 1 by filling needs with solid players.

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    I actually really liked Dallas' pick. a strong versatile 3 year starter that can play guard or center. was a bit of a reach since many had him going early 2nd but they did what they had to do with OL flying off the board. really liked the vikes draft, was a little puzzled by the phins trading up for jordan, thought for sure they traded up for lane johnson.

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    I was surprised that the Dolphins moved up to get Jordan, but I think it was a good move. He can rush from a standing position (OLB) or with his hand on the ground (DE) much like Jason Taylor did. They were looking to add the type of pass rusher than can get to the QB all by himself without having to scheme to get him sacks and Jordan is that guy. His versatility to play OLB, DE or just come out as a situational pass rusher adds value to him. Over the next few years he will add 20-25 pounds of muscle and develop his pass rush moves even more and he will be a beast.

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