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Thread: Vintage hockey collector

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    Vintage hockey collector

    I have tons of vintage hockey items to trade. When i say vintage I mean anything from 1980 to the start of hockey. Below is a list of items I have

    Beehive photos group one two three and airplanes, booklets , tokens
    Crown brand photos
    Quaker oats photos, booklets, leafs bantam hockey form
    52-53 Parkhurst
    53-54 Parkhurst
    54-55 Parkhurst
    54-55 Topps
    54-55 Parkhurst
    54-55 Quaker
    57-58 Topps
    1969-1980 OPC
    Prudential series one Gordie Howe litho
    Rocket Richard signature on HOF card
    Cyclone Taylor printer plate wearing Portage Lake Uniform...pre NHL
    Roy Worters printer plate
    Gillette booklet
    first 18 issues of offside magazine
    Colgate heads
    Sherriff coins
    1965 Coke team sets
    Coke hockey booklets
    towers/bonimart booklets
    macs milk booklets
    etc etc etc...... Just ask i more tan likely have something you are interested in
    i am looking to finish a few of my sets and beehive photos in particular

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    I doubt I have anything you can use, but if you'd like to try a trade please let me know what you're looking for....thanks.

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