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    3 Tins of 11/12 The Cup, looks like my streak has ended! :(

    Well it appears my Gretzky streak has ended, I was not supposed to buy anymore Cup for quite sometime but at $449 per tin I couldn't resist!! lol, at least that's how I'm justifying the $1500..........

    Everything is for sale, however I am not looking to sell for lower then the lowest selling one on Ebay, I will sell at slightly less then the verage Ebay price.

    Here are the notables:

  2. 2bros - Topps2017
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    i can use the hall/tavares pm if you looking to sale/trade

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    ill also take a price on the hall on tavares also thanks

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    some nice cards, congrats
    Collecting San Jose Sharks cards with the Following priority
    1. Base and Rookies
    2. Inserts and Parallels
    3. Jerseys and Autographs
    4. 1/1s

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    Still decent tins, just no home run!
    Collecting all past, present, & future, Red Wings!

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    Looking for Ericsson Black "E" & "C"
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