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Thread: Malkin OPC Rookie /100

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    Malkin OPC Rookie /100

    Hey guys,

    I recently picked up a Malkin Opc rookie /100 in a lot, and i feel theres value there but i was just wondering what you guys think this is worth? Black diamond rookie sells for $90, and this ones gotta be similar value as there are no recent sales. Has anyone picked one up lately and for how much?

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    06-07 OPC parallels can be exceedingly scarce. It took me 4 years to track down the Rookie/Sophomore Showdown /100 I was seeking for my PC and it's the only one I've ever seen. The estimate of being around par with a Black Diamond RC probably holds up - those sell in the $30-$35 range on the Bay and I suspect you could get that pretty easily for the right player collector.
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    I have a few rookies from that year, not because I really collect them but they are just beautiful cards! IMO the best year for the /100 OPC parallels ( only the rookies from 06/07 )

    While it may go for a decent chunk, I think you'll be surprised as to how low it goes if you let it ride via the auction route.

    Ive picked up these players over the last little bit, with Staal being the highest ... and the rest were under $10:

    - J. Staal ( $15 )
    - Booth
    - Edler
    - Weber

    In completed listings, you will also see these secondary starts ( for the 06/07 year ), all under the $20 mark

    - J. Staal
    - Kessel
    - Stastny

    Obviously, Malkin is #1 from this year with Kopitar and Kessel being a distant #2 and #3 ....

    For comparison to other years:

    Price - $37
    Kadri - $40 & $25 & $20
    Hall - $46
    Backstrom - $35
    Halak - $22
    Hodgson - $20

    *** EDIT *** - Forgot to mention I would also be interested in the Malkin if you were looking to move it!

    Thanks and LMK via PM
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    The OPC and MVP /100 RC parallels generally don't sell at the level of the UD exclusives /100 (obviously), the Black Diamond Ruby /100, or the non-auto SPA FW /100.

    As the poster mentioned above, you'll probably be surprised at how little a Malkin RC parallel out of /100 sells for if you try to sell the auction route.

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    I managed to sell an Eberle RC OPC /100 for $65. I find they're hit and miss.

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    Thanks for the input guys, gives me a better insight as to what ive got here

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    Do I get a little SCF discount for winning the Malkin?? =P

    Nice guess Richard!
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