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    Willing to 50/50 Springfield Cardinals

    I go to quite a few Springfield Cardinal games and have had some pretty good luck graphing them over the years. I'm willing to try and help out some people if they are interested. Please understand that rosters are very fluid and players signing habits fluctuate, but I will do my best to get the item signed. Rules are as follows:

    1. All trades are to be posted in the trade manager.
    2. As of right now, only 1 slot per player.
    3. Larger items only. No cards
    4. All photos would need to preapproved first. I have lots of images, so I could probably help out.
    5. Standard 50/50 rules.
    6. All items must include a SASE

    Here is a link to the official website with rosters:

    Hope I can help!

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    Could you do Swagerty and Carlos Martinez?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxzemke24 View Post
    Could you do Swagerty and Carlos Martinez?
    Pm sent

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    Small window for Carlos Martinez before he gets called up...

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    Your PM box is full but here is the message...
    I placed it in my outgoing mail bin monday, hopefully it will be there tomorrow, let me know when you get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortking98 View Post
    Could you do George Springer of Corpus Christi (Astros)?
    Im trying to stay away from the visiting teams right now. If something changes ill let u know.

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    Could you do Carlos Martinez on a 8X10?
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    Collecting Michael Pineda, Kyle Seager and Carlos Delgado

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    Quote Originally Posted by awz50 View Post
    Could you do Carlos Martinez on a 8X10?
    I would have, but he got called up to the majors this weekend.

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