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    Need more cards, which box to buy?

    LMK what you think for a football product? Is sage hit good? will it be popular to trade/sell right after the relase

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    Sage hit is pretty decent. It all depends on how much you are looking to spend though.

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    2006 sagehit, i can get a box for $104 DLVD, should i?

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    Nah I would wait for a "real" brand to come out with their 06 prodcut. Playoff Presitge comes out the earliest I believe. Go with that. This years rc class going to be cra-zay!

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    I'm presonally waiting for 06 SP auth,06 finest and 06 Sweet Spot

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    sage and press pass do real well until the nfl products come out then it is like pulling teeth to get rid of it unless it is something special or a real popular player.

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    I have always liked sage hit with all the autos and a good chance to get someone good. how is Sage Aspire or is it new this year? What 05 boxes are good to buy right now

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    if your going with a college brand go press pass they have alot better design this year sages autos are on a grey sticker making the auto look worse and harder to see so if your goin that route go press pass but if i were you id wait for Playoff as well

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    Im not sure what to do. I will look into the boxes more. Where are the best sites to shop off of.

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    If I had money to spend on boxes, I would buy anything mid to high-end from 2004.

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