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Thread: help for the rookie please :)

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    help for the rookie please :)

    is is not possible to pull a report of my entire trade history on SCF?

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    Hi Lance. If you click on your feedback score under your profile name you can view your current and past transactions. You can also do this by clicking on the "trade mananger" tab at the top of the screen.

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    Well when i use trade manager for last year it doesn't bring anything up, which is false, when i bring up feedback i can see the guys i traded with but i cannot see the actual itemized trades. I would dearly love to get this info, trying to keep track of my trades.

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    I get mine back to 2011 when I believe was my first trade. Go to Trade Manager, then "Search all trades" and then put your name in where it says "Trader Username:"


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    Welcome to SCF. It looks like I just learned something I didn't know. Now I can use this information to help others. Thanks.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.


    If I post in your thread, PM works best.

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    thanks guys i figured it out gotta go by username in trade mananger. Thanks rick i see you pointed that out also.

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    You're welcome. Even a blind mouse finds a piece of cheese now and then.


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    Hello and welcome to SCF!!
    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos

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    Welcome to SCF Lance, have fun here and enjoy yourself!

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    i can't find any panini Luxury Suites in my beckett magazine. can someone explain to me how i find it lol Thank you so much.

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