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Thread: Looking to sell this...

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    Looking to sell this...

    Hey im looking to sell my finest ben gordon auto /15. Give me your best offer. Im not sure what the bv is. Scans our on my site.

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    Very Nice Card

    2004-05 Finest X-Fractors Green 174 Ben Gordon AU $125.00 $300.00

    heres your book value being bgs graded 9 really doesnt help the pricing since so many graded the same it would have been worth more raw *Ungraded* or Graded BGS 9.5 or better hopefully this helps ya =)

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    ive been interested in it but it books way to high for my blood aint got anything worth it =)

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    o ok, thanks for the info though, i hope chicago makes it to the playoffs

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    i have
    need any of these?
    2.03/04 ud glass autofocus,Yao Ming autoN(on plexi glass)
    3.05/06 reflections fabrics Lebron James Red jersey #d 3/100
    4.03/04 Diamond collection all star lineup,dual jersey.Wade and Manu Ginobili
    5.05/06 reflections fabrics Shaquille Oneal Jersey(lakers)
    6.04/05 topps luxury box Champaigne Toast Okafor auto/rc
    7.04/05 Sweetshot jersey tmac(2 color)
    8.04/05 topps luxury box three point play,triple jersey,Melo,Andre,Kmart
    9.04/05 sweet shots signature shots Jason Kidd auto
    10.05/06 Performance clause Iguodala steals
    11.04/05 sweet show sweet swawtches jermaine oneal jersey
    12.04/05 sp game used Mike Bibby patch(4 COLOR)
    13.Espn PAul Pierce base card (#d to 25)
    Also have massive lot of nuggets game used and auto.
    need any?

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