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    78 GU/Auto Lot- Selling for $90 DLVD!!

    Ok guys so for those of you that like to buy in bulk, I'm selling 78 GU/Auto cards for $90 paypal. These cards are pretty much low end with a couple stars, such as Reggie Wayne, Maurice Jones-Drew, Clinton Portis, Jeremy Shockey, Jeff Garcia, Drew Bledsoe, Plaxico Burress, Dustin Keller, and Matt Leinart (plus many more)! The cards are in great condition! Let me know if you're interested, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by huckler731 View Post
    Do you have a list?

    David Harris Rookie Auto (2007 Leaf Limited)- #ed 158/299
    Adarius Bowman Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)- #ed 128/200
    Paul Smith Rookie Auto (2008 Press Pass)
    Dan Connor Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)- #ed 32/50
    Will Blackmon Rookie Auto (2006 Topps Finest)
    Sam Baker Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)
    Malcolm Kelly Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)
    Antoine Cason Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)- #ed 387/400

    Terrence Murphy Rookie Auto (2005 Press Pass)
    Kenny Phillips Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)
    Kenny Phillips Rookie Auto (2008 Sage HIT)

    Marcus Thomas Rookie Auto (2008 Sage HIT)
    Andre Callender Rookie Auto (2008 Sage HIT)
    Will Blackmon Rookie Auto (2006 Rookie Debut)
    Dan Connor Rookie Auto (2008 Sage HIT)
    Antoine Cason Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)- #ed 87/200
    Michael Jenkins Auto (2011 Topps)
    Fred Davis Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)- #ed 104/200

    Owen Schmitt Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)
    Ronnie McGill Rookie Auto (2007 Donruss Classics)
    Devin Thomas Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)- #ed 120/200
    Joe Hamilton Rookie Auto (2000 Bowman)
    Darrell Hackney Rookie Auto (2006 Rookie Debut)
    Derrick Harvey Rookie Auto (2008 Sage)- #ed 148/200
    Jared Cook Jr. Rookie Auto (2009 Topps Chrome)
    Austin Pettis Rookie Auto (2011 Topps)


    Drew Bledsoe GU JSY (2006 Fleer Ultra)
    Jeff Garcia GU JSY (2007 Rookies & Stars)- #ed 63/250
    Clinton Portis GU JSY (2009 Threads)- #ed 80/100
    Alge Crumpler GU JSY (2007 Sweet Spot)
    Plaxico Burress GU JSY (2007 Rookies & Stars)- #ed 119/250
    Earl Bennett Rookie JSY (2008 SP Rookie Threads)- #ed 26/85
    Jeremy Shockey GU JSY (2003 Fleer)
    Reggie Wayne GU Jersey (2007 Sweet Spot)
    Maurice Jones-Drew GU JSY (2011 Topps Rising Rookies)

    Andre Roberts Rookie JSY (2011 Topps Rising Rookies)
    Joe Thomas GU JSY (2008 Topps)
    Kyle Boller GU JSY (2004 Upper Deck)
    Kerry Collins GU JSY (2003 Upper Deck)
    Charlie Whitehurst Rookie JSY (2006 Upper Deck)
    Stevan Ridley Rookie JSY (2011 Rookies & Stars)- #ed 86/299
    Dustin Keller JSY (2009 UD Heroes)
    Dustin Keller Rookie Jumbo JSY (2008 Certified)- #ed 554/599 (slight creases)
    Dustin Keller Rookie JSY (2008 Rookies & Stars)-#ed 71/250
    Dustin Keller Rookie JSY (2008 SPX)- #ed 6/149
    Dustin Keller GU JSY (2009 Topps)
    Dustin Keller GU JSY (2009 Bowman Sterling)- #ed 388/999
    Peyton Hillis GU JSY (2011 Gridiron Gear)- #ed 36/100
    Matt Leinart Rookie JSY (Rookies & Stars)- #ed 1/499

    Clyde Gates Rookie JSY (Rookies & Stars)- #ed 109/299
    Antrel Rolle Rooke JSY (2005 Rookie Debut)
    Brian Calhoun Rooke JSY (2006 Upper Deck)
    Larry Johnson GU JSY (2006 Fleer Flair Showcase)
    Brian Brohm Rookie JSY (2008 Donruss Classics)- #ed 240/250
    Omar Jacobs Rookie JSY (2006 Fleer Flair Showcase)
    Kellen Clemens Rookie JSY (2006 Upper Deck)
    Michael Huff Rookie JSY (2006 Fleer Flair Showcase)
    Matt Leinart Rookie JSY (2006 SPX)

    Greg Olsen GU JSY (2011 Topps Rising Rookies)
    Brandon Jackson Rookie JSY (2007 Ultimate)
    Jordan Todman Rookie JSY (2011 Panini Absolute)
    Brandon Jackson Rookie JSY (2007 SP Rookie Threads)- #ed 15/150
    Brian Brohm Rookie JSY (2008 Playoff Prestige)- #ed 144/250
    Greg Jones Rookie JSY (2004 Rookies & Stars)- #ed 39/100
    Kelley Washington Rookie JSY (2003 Upper Deck)
    Marcell Dareus Rookie JSY (2011 Absolute)
    Priest Holmes GU JSY (2006 Topps DDP)

    Taiwan Jones Rookie JSY (2011 Rookies & Stars)-#ed 41/299
    Rich Gannon GU Football (2003 Absolute)- #ed 57/250
    Tashard Choice GU JSY (2008 Topps RP)- #ed 168/179

    Brian Calhoun Rookie JSY (2006 Fleer Flair Showcase)
    Tatum Bell GU JSY (2007 SPX)
    Dave Ragone Rookie JSY (2003 Upper Deck)
    Clyde Gates Rookie JSY (2011 Absolute)
    Brandon Jackson Rookie JSY (2007 Absolute)
    Jason Avant Rookie JSY (2006 Absolute)- #ed 113/499
    Kellen Clemens Rookie JSY (2006 Bowman)
    Reggie Williams/Devard Darling dual Rookie JSY (2004 Rookies & Stars)- #ed 378/500

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