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    Check this out!! pretty sweet for 3 Bucks!!

    I went to the Dollar Tree store with my GF. I saw they had packs of hoops 12-13. They had 2 eight card packs and 1 five card pack. I bought the three.

    I got A couple PC cards!!

    Paul Pierce Action Photo.. PC!!

    Brandon Knight RC...I think

    Tyler Honeycutt RC i think


    A Terrance Williams AUTO!!! PCCPCC

    I couldn't believe it. I know it's not a great auto but he is on the Celtics now, although pictured in a Kings uniform. I never get auto's in retail packs never mind retail packs at the DOLLAR TREE for a Dollar!!!

    I'll get a scan up later... pretty pumped

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    Great pull! Don't know how hobby packs ended up at retail though.

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    Idk. I think they were retail. They came in those hanging boxes they have at walmart and target. Maybe the were damaged or opened so the dollar tree gets them. II've only pulled an auto ffrom retail packs 1 other time.

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    congrats on the pull , especially from a dollar tree pack
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    Thanks man..couldn't get my scanner to work.. Next pay day I'm hitting up alll the DOllar Tree Locations in th Boston area searching for dollar packs..

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    Really I thought for sure those dollar store packs had no hits in them.

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    The hit came from an 8 card pack. I wouldn't think the 5 card packs have hits. They seem like they were made for the dollar store. I wonder if the 8 card packs were simply retail that had damage and the dollar store picks them up. I asked the lady that worked there and she said they never know what they'll get for cards or when they'll get them so they must be damaged retail stuff

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    Can't beat an auto out of a dollar pack :)

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    packs for a buck? when my wife comes out to boston im gonna tell her to keep an eye out for them!

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    You can't ask for more than a couple of PC cards and an auto for $3.
    Well done!

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